Hope and Steve’s ministry in Mexico provides homes to children whose parents are in prison. Mission on the Move (MOM) provides a place to stay, three square meals a day, all school needs, and Christian parenting. Their missionaries work with children who would otherwise live in the prisons with their parents. This relationship allows teams to witness to the children. They also minister to the parents and their roommates in prison, sharing the grace and mercy of God to break the generational chains of oppression, crime and poverty. Their missionaries are blessed with two homes, one for boys and one for girls. These boys and girls are raised in Christ with prayers they will witness to their friends and families.


How many years have you been a missionary in Mexico?

Over fourteen years- we were commissioned into the ministry January 13, 2002. We attended language school in Costa Rica and then began serving in Tapachula and Honduras in April 2002.

What is one thing about being a missionary that most people don’t realize?

We are no different than any other Christians. Some people are called to be pastors, teach Sunday School, sing in the choir, play the piano, visit the sick, or be a shepherd to the churched and unchurched. But we were called to serve as missionaries. We have the same needs as other Christians. We need spiritual nourishment, encouragement, prayer support, and the love of friends and family.

What is a small way you have seen God at work in your community in Tapachula?

We have seen God at work in our three homes for children and in our church family. We have seen our children grow into young adults who love the Lord and who have become involved in the leadership of our church in Tapachula. Our children are now completing university and leaving home to start their own lives. Others are in college and have come a long way from being shy and recluse to becoming leaders and Christian examples to the children in the homes and in their schools and community.

The children have all come from horrible situations but they are overcoming their past through the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. The ministry and love that teams have shared over the years has also made a difference in their lives. Seeing the same people return to Tapachula year after year, confirms in the hearts of the children they are truly loved by the people in the USA.



Of course, we need constant prayer for our children in Tapachula, for Mission On The Move, and for our health. Right now, our prayer request is for a missionary couple to feel the call of God to serve the children in the homes in Tapachula.



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