Join us for supper at 6 pm (donations accepted).

Programs for adults and children follow at 6:30 pm.


Living Free Beth Moore.jpg

Women's Bible Study

Living Free: Learning to Pray God's Word (Beth Moore)

Leaders: Whitney Graybeal & Katie Johnston


This will be a nine week course of study teaching women how to pray using scripture.  The goal of this class is to give participants a sound scriptural base for praying in confidence and joy, experiencing God's presence, a lifting of burdens, and a renewal of purpose.  There will be no DVD series with this study, but there will be plenty of prayer and praise.  This class is sponsored by the Women of the Church, and all are welcome!  Come join us as we learn more about Living Free.


Pastor's Bible Study:

Digging Deeper

Leader:  Dr. Joel Giles 


A Sermon-Based Study led by the pastor to explore more truths and apply more lessons from the previous Sunday's sermon.

Youth - 52 verses.jpg

Youth Bible Study

52 Bible Verses You Should Have in Your Heart

Leaders:  Leigh Stanford & Martha Ponder. 

Each week, the youth will explore one verse from the Bible and discuss what the verse means--both literally and individually, its context with other verses and why it matters in their daily life. They will read from different versions of the Bible (ESV, NIV, HCSB, etc.), write down their favorite version, be encouraged to memorize it and reflect on the verse throughout the week. 

Wenzday Kidz.jpg

WenZday KidZ

Bible Time Leaders: John and Margaret Shearouse, Assistant: Elane Casteen

Music Leaders: Lori Hart, Betsy Luquire, Blythe Watson, Carolyn Wright


Fairview Flyways Travel Agency is back in business booking tours to faraway places to discover how events that happened there long ago apply to our everyday lives here at home. Fall excursion: Touring the Armor of God.   

In December, the WenZday KidZ will share the Christmas message through a delightful musical—their special gift to the Fairview Family.  Shhh…the name of the musical is a secret!!  It will be revealed to the WenZday KidZ first!  Everyone else has to wait to discover which musical the team selected.